We live in a world that often goes with the easiest option; a culture where people are celebrated for their notoriety, not their talent; and where people are unaware that the only way to truly create anything – to inspire and to challenge others – is with art, ideas and imagination.

Face Fiction believe in integrity that extends into our lives, our art and our work. We believe in challenging your ideas. Inspiring your imagination. And creating your art.

Who we are

With over 20 years of combined experience in the television and film industry, our team of talented filmmakers are ready to take up the challenge of delivering your vision to your desired audience on time and on budget, with our specific artistic flair. We’ve worked on everything from commercials to feature films, in almost every area of production. See examples of some of our most recent work here.

Face Fiction - Film and creative projects

Telling stories that mean something to us is what we do. We aim to tell stories that make you think and challenge your perspective. And ultimately, to inspire you.

Face Fact - Commercials and promotion

Inspire people through challenging ideas to promote your business or brand. If you believe what you have to offer is unique, let us help tell your story in a way which separates you from the norm. From concept, to script, to production, we’ll create something that not only inspires your audience, but will make you feel proud.

Additional Services

Everybody needs to show what they can do. Let us help you show your potential to the world with our showreel service for a variety of professions and businesses.

For actors, we offer an editing service for existing footage, or a complete filmmaking service where we’ll build your showreel from scratch. Enquire within to discuss any ideas and pricing.